Notice to all Customers of
Pamela Brownlee T/a Flyaway Travel & Cruises for You.

Office 3, Greenhills Enterprise Centre, Bunree Road, Ballina, Co Mayo.

This business has ceased to trade with effect from 24th April 2020.

Customers with current bookings:

Check with your airline and with your accommodation provider to see if your tickets and/or accommodation are still valid and have been paid by the travel agent.

i. If your airline says you can travel and if you have established your accommodation has been paid for, you can proceed with your travel plans.

ii. If your airline says you can travel but you have established that your accommodation is not paid for you can a) proceed with your travel plans, pay for your accommodation yourself and then claim a refund of the original cost of your accommodation from the Commission b) choose not to travel and claim a refund from the Commission.

iii. If your airline says you cannot travel and your accommodation is not paid, you cannot proceed with your travel plans and you can claim your original costs back from the Commission.

Claim forms can be obtained on